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Wild Tube   

Series 1: 12x30 | HD | 2018
Production Company
Spark TV
Primary Broadcaster
TCB Originals

This is your wildlife, as captured by UGC. With the arrival of high quality smart phones, go-pros and Drones has transformed the way we capture surprising unexpected animal events and in fantastic slow-motion details the creatures in natural environments, doing candid actions and revealing remarkable behaviour.

It will give us a unique insight into the real world of the animals that we share this planet with and their interaction with us. We will witness conflict over territory, mating, hunting and gathering. By having cameras in the wild, all over the world, we will reveal animal behaviour like never-before.

Our incredible footage, the best wildlife UGC on the planet captures spontaneous and often rare moments that the world’s leading experts can study and explain. So, when an Elephant charges a truck we’ll understand why it did it, we’ll see scavengers taking on hunters, the nocturnal behaviour of foxes in the city, even large mammals in battles for survival and shocking human/animal encounters.

Episode 3

An Orca pod attack sealions from under a pleasure boat; Holidaymakers have a very close encounter with a bull elephant; A deadly Hawk Wasp attacks and paralyses a tarantula; While a Hawk bird takes down a drone filming in its airspace; Young Lions attempt to take down a buffalo; Underwater photography shows how Rays are sadly ingesting our waste plastic; In Bangkok a Tokay Gecko outsmarts a snake who thinks he’s caught lunch; and in Australia a horse goes swimming with dolphins.

Episode 2

In Kruger National Park a Python takes on a leopard but there can be only one winner; Meanwhile in the Maasai Mara a Rock Python kills and swallows an antelope; An orangutan takes a woman hostage for food; Rare grebe birds perform an flamboyant mating dance; A family of Orcas commit a ferocious attack on a Gray whale and her calf; A lion tries to snatch a baby elephant from under its mothers trunk; A cunning frogfish ambushes a belly full of cardinal fish in the blink of an eye; And a sealion and a penguin are in a race for survival.

Series 1- Episode 1

A honeymoon couple come face to face with a gorilla family when the bride is knocked down by a silverback; Hyenas steal wild dogs’ lunch, an Elephant takes on a Safari truck, Crocodile snatches a take away impala, children find themselves swimming with killer whales and surfing swans.