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Slice of Paradise   

Series 1: 8x60 | HD | 2017
Production Company
MediaWorks TV
Primary Broadcaster

Hosts Shelley Ferguson and Peter Wolfkamp work with contestants competing with each other to find the best properties. Each episode sees Ferguson and Wolfkamp work with two prospective buyers, presenting them with three housing options and highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each. We follow individuals, couples and families in a range of situations, from first-home buyers to investors or empty nesters.  

Episode 5

Stacey & Dave Humphrey live in West Auckland. They have 3 young children and a couple of dogs and theyre a very active sporty family who love being outside. They are looking for their forever home - a place they can live in until the kids leave home. Their current house is too small, so theyre looking for 4 bedrooms, a decent lawn, want to stay in the Henderson/West Auckland area.. Their budget is $900,000. They feel under some pressure because prices keep going up. Theyve been looking for a year.

Episode 4

Terry & Lesley Beech are a Hamilton couple in their 50s, baby-boomers whose children have left home and they want to move/downsize. Their budget is $1 million. They dont want a lifestyle block but they want a bit of a garden, and they each want their own space for their hobbies. They are classic boomers - theyre fussy and feel that theyve earned the right to have something nice but they dont really know what it is.

Episode 3

Bruce Lines is a Nelson man, an underwater diver specialising in salvage and inspection work. He wants an investment property to provide passive income while he travels the world in his yacht. He might also live in it when he returns from his adventures. He has obviously done well in his business. He wants to spend around $750,000. His plan is "to have no plan".