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Savage Australia    

Series 1: 12x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
Nine Network Australia
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 9

Renowned as a land of dreams and opportunity. A destination famous for its unique natural wonders. But scratch the surface and a dark side of australia reveals itself. Unforgiving, harsh and deadly. Local experts will navigate a terrifying journey into the dark heart of an ancient land. From deep in the rugged bush to the sparkling blue beaches. From cosmopolitan cities to the mystical outback. Don’t be fooled. It’s dangerous out there… welcome to savage australia.

Episode 6: Fire

Australia is no stranger to wildfire. It has stalked the land down through time, a primal force. But man has increasingly populated areas in fire paths and is only now learning we are no match for the ferocity for an Australian fire storm. In this episode events that defined a nation. Stories of survival.

Episode 2: Crocodiles

It’s been 65 million years since a massive asteroid smashed the earth and whipped out every dinosaur and marine reptile – expect one. The earth’s largest living reptile and some say the animal most likely to eat a human, is the salt water crocodile. They’re incredibly aggressive and territorial, they inhabit the northern parts of Australia and can measure up to 7 metres long. Over the hour you’ll see the most infamous croc attacks in Australia’s history.