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Royal Secrets   

Series 1: 10x30 | HD | 2015
Production Company
TVT Productions
Primary Broadcaster

A look into the twists and turns in the recent generations of the British royal family. Each half-hour will offer a look behind closed doors into the the royal household and reveal a series of secrets and deeply moving personal stories. Every show will contain substantial exclusive footage from ITN ‘s Royal Archive.

Episodes include the stories of Princess Diana, King Edward, Lord Moutbatten, Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Andrew and of course Queen Elizabeth II.  

Episode 3: First Steps

Britain's royal babies used to be born and raised behind closed palace gates. But, today, they are part and parcel of the commercialisation of Britain's Royal Family. But it has not always been so - not so long ago, access to royal babies was restricted and they didn't even go to school.

Episode 2: The Diana File

Charts the tempestuous life and death of the self-styled 'People's Princess', who married and divorced the heir to the British throne, and left behind a host of conspiracy theories.