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Plane Reclaimers   

Series 1: 10x60 | HD | 2019
Production Company
Monster Films
Primary Broadcaster
TCB Originals

Where do aeroplanes go to die? What happens to them after they're done with flying? In an unassuming corner of Wales lies one of the world's busiest yards for aircraft end-of-life services - home to dozens of these retired relics of the sky. With exclusive access to the day-to-day running of this bustling base, our cameras are on the scene as the team dismantle and breathe new life into these mammoth machines. Along the way, we examine their ground-breaking engineering, and undercover the stories and secrets they store with them.

Episode 4

Such is the cut-throat world of the aviation industry that only the strongest survive in the face of fierce competition and spiralling fuel prices. While that may be bad for the airline operators, it’s great news for the companies that strip-out and scrap them, like eCube. In this episode the lads can’t wait to get their greasy mitts on an Airbus a320, which was previously owned by a now defunct airline.

Episode 3

With the strip out in full swing an unusual request comes in, requiring experienced technician Dave Brown to remove an emergency black box recorder from the aircraft. But this important bit of kit that's used to investigate aviation accidents won’t be going back up into the air, as it’s destined for a life underwater. The black box is needed to be used as an aid to train rescue divers for any future air crash incidents.

Episode 2

The red carpet is rolled out on the base today in preparation for a very special guest - a 747 Jumbo Jet. This colossal of the sky is a first for the gang – and that brings with it a series of challenges. Appalling weather puts the planes arrival in serious doubt. When she does finally touch down its a David V Goliath like struggle to get the giant iron bird towed into her parking space on the lot. Once parked up the perilous act of draining ten tons of fuel begins, with safety concerns about an improper hose causing fire risk that could see the plane go up in flames.