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Montana Wild   

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
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Rugged mountains rising to 4.000 meters, dense conifer forests, glaciers, lakes and rivers… When it comes to nature, MONTANA is definitely one of the wildest American states. Yet, some people know the area better than anyone. Hunters, trappers or ranchers, they live where none of us could even imagine spending one day.

Each episode will bring you to the daily life of rural, funny and atypical characters. All of them were born and raised at the heart of the state and developed a kind of symbiotic link to the environment. Rick is a wild game hunter who also were a guide for over 20 years and knows south of Montana like the back of his hand. As for Nathaniel, he decided to live in his small hunt lost in the mountains, living thanks to Apache livelihoods. Regarding Scott and Suzy, they settled close to Idaho border, in the middle of nowhere. To access their wooden house, you have to travel 10 miles on a snowy path starting from the little road that leads to Jackson and its 23 residents. Finally, Jerry is a seasoned trapper, so respected in the “Madison Valley” that no one dares approaching the lands he set his traps.


Episode 5

In this episode, Sara is alone at the ranch with her son. Among the daily chores, there is one that she never does: drive the huge truck that Henry uses to feed the sheep. But today, Henry is gone, and the sheep have to be fed. Sara is going to have to drive that truck! James, the rancher, received word from his neighbor. Some of his cows escaped and seem to be hiding in the bushes. Despite the snowstorm, James has to get them back to the barn before nightfall.

Episode 3

In this episode, Henry, the sheep rancher, is preparing for the final round of the Rodeo championship season. Henry has already been the Montana champion several times and this competition will be decisive in determining whether he will retain his title. Susie, Scott’s wife, broke an important piece off her quad: the light bar that is attached to the roof of the vehicle. But driving the quad in the middle of winter without lights is not an option!

Episode 2

In this episode, Nathaniel Browning, the hunter who employs Native American techniques, tries to look for the best branches to make his arrows on the banks of No'Tell'Em Creek. But after losing track of the time, he has to spend the night out, in the middle of the woods. Rick, the old hunter, proved to Casey during a recent bet that he was able to hit a target at 800 meters with his old rifle.