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Maternity 24/7   

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2020
Production Company
Chalkboard TV
Primary Broadcaster

The reality of childbirth is laid bare in this new documentary series following expectant parents hoping for the perfect birth at The Royal Preston Hospital’s award-winning Maternity Unit.

Nearly 4500 babies are born here every year and in each episode we follow two sets of parents navigating the final stages of pregnancy.

When it comes to the big day will their best laid birth plans play out? From water births to emergency Caesareans, we’re up close at every unexpected turn. Witnessing the pain, laughter, heartache and joy, as a dedicated maternity team welcome the next generation into the world.

Episode 1

At the Royal Preston Hospital, Lancashire, over 300 members of maternity staff work 24 hours a day ensuring the safe delivery of over 80 babies a week. 28-year-old dance teacher Ashleigh has just driven in with her partner Adam. She is desperate to have a water birth after an emergency forceps delivery lead to post-natal depression with her first child. She is under the care of delivery suite manager Emma, who is laying out the red carpet, in the hope of a less traumatic experience this time.