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Jailhouse Girls   

Series 1: 3x60 | SD | 2009
Production Company
Wild Pictures
Primary Broadcaster

Holloway prison, in North London, holds up to 500 female inmates and is the largest women’s prison in Europe. Incarcerated behind heavy security is a complete cross section of criminals, from petty villains and drug-addicted prostitutes to fraudsters and dangerous, high profile murderers.

With extraordinary access granted by the Prison Service, Wild Pictures follows key staff as they attempt to reform the prison. The problems are vast – drugs, bullying, psychopaths, needy mothers, even prisoners falling in and out of love. This gritty documentary series gives a real insight into the work being done to get the prison and its inmates back on track.

Episode 2

Some call it ‘Hotel Holloway’, but for others prison can represent home, their fellow prisoner’s surrogate family. But amid boarding school type pranks on the wing lies a darker side of these young women’s lives: self-harm is common and behind the locked doors, the experience of prison is enough for some to want to cut short their young lives.

Episode 1

Behind heavy security is a complete cross section of criminals, from petty villains and drug addicted prostitutes to fraudsters and dangerous murders, nearly all are unwanted by a society that has washed its hands of them. We follow the lives of the prisoners and prison officers as they cope with violence, near death situations and the endless challenges that prison life throws at them.