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Hitler's World: The Post War Plan   

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
Like A Shot Entertainment
Primary Broadcaster
UKTV & Viasat

Until 1942, it is quite possible – even likely – that Germany will win the Second World War. Hitler’s armies have marched deep into continental Europe and the Soviet Union and it seems that the civilised world will soon be faced with the unthinkable – a new world order in which the Nazis are the masters….a new Reich.

Only the defeats at Stalingrad and El Alamein turn the tide. For Hitler and his henchmen, world domination is not some wild pipedream. They expect to achieve it and detailed plans for it are put in place, not just for how the new Reich will look but for how it will function and be governed; for how its citizens will travel around; even how and where they will spend their holidays. These are not megalomaniac fantasies – they are concrete, hard and very real plans which, if they come to fruition, will completely change the history of the world. This is not a ‘what if’ series. Each episode features investigations based on hard evidence, newly-discovered documents and new declassified material.


Episode 3: British Headquaters

In May 1945, one week after Adolf Hitler committed suicide, the Allies accepted the surrender of Nazi Germany and war in Europe was finally over. The Nazis had been beaten and people all over Britain took to the streets to celebrate victory. But it's only fairly recently that we've discovered just how advanced the plans were for Britain and what we might have seen if Hitler and his armies had actually won the war.

Episode 2: America

In this episode we'll uncover support for the National Socialist movement within America, revealing outposts of Nazi Germany within the land of the free. I'll also examine the Nazi's plans to invade America with colossal battleships and fleets of long-range bombers and find out just how global the Nazis aspirations truly.

Episode 1: Nazi Megacities

In this episode we'll examine how the Nazis began to stamp their image on Germany and the nations that had fallen under the German jackboot. From Hitler's plans to redesign Berlin as the capital of the world, to the destruction of Warsaw to make way for a Nazi Model City, as an ever-expanding building program acted as a catalyst for the enslavement, extermination and destruction of entire nations, histories and cultures.