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Guerrilla Gardeners   

Series 1: 13x30 | HD | 2014
Series 2: 15x30 | HD | 2015
Production Company
Primary Broadcaster
Network Ten Australia

The Target: Bleak public spaces, concrete jungles, disused land, roadside wastelands left by councils and developers who don’t care.

The Challenge: Turn these eyesores into beautiful spaces for people to appreciate and enjoy.

Trespass laws and development consent are for the weak. Our gardening guerillas will stop at nothing to make-over barren and unloved spaces. With youth and enthusiasm in their favour, the Guerrillas will abseil, rope and parkour to get to the make-over site on a 20 foot high ledge, or dodge traffic and climb fences onto a gated median strip between a busy freeway and a tunnel. Some of their best work is also done in broad daylight. Wearing hard hats and safety vests as a disguise, they ‘hit’ sites right under the nose of police, council workers and government rangers.  

Episode 2: Cleveland Street

They have to beat the clock... and the system! Will they succeed? Or will they get caught? Will they be able to charm their way out of trouble? Guerrilla Gardeners Bringing the city back to life.