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Driving Mum & Dad Crazy   

Series 1: 4x60 | HD | 2019
Production Company
AGB Films
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 5

It’s the most terrifying moment of any parent’s life – it outdoes birth, the first day of school or the first time you let your children walk to the shop on their own: the moment your child first gets behind the wheel of the car, and it’s you sitting alongside.

As rites of passage go, learning to drive is a big one. But it doesn’t come cheap and costs can quickly mount up. Small wonder, then, that many parents decide to take up the challenge themselves, and play driving instructor to their nearest and dearest. But will their own driving skills measure up to the rigorous demands of today’s driving test? How will they avoid passing on their bad habits?

Using the latest in-car camera technology, we’ll capture the good, the bad and the ugly moments of those driving sessions, and explore how driving with your teenager can test even the most patient of parents.

Take a bunch of stroppy teens, a host of terrified parents and you have the recipe for a hilarious, moving and unforgettable television series. Will the family car remain unscathed? Will the relationship between the parent and child survive? And how will the kids avoid Driving Mum and Dad Crazy?

Episode 4

According to Mum Tracy, her eccentric identical triplet sons are spoiled and over-privileged, having had too much handed to them on a plate. And now she’s determined that they learn the value of money by working their socks off on minimum wage to pass their driving tests and take a significant first step towards independence. The triplets, Alex, Ethan and Tristan are also struggling to find their own separate identities.

Episode 2

Taxi driver Fadi despairs of his daughter ever being able to master the art of driving. To be honest, though, 18 year old Sofia isn’t in any great hurry. Like many ‘Essex girls’ she just wants to have fun – and look good! Along with Mum Tash, glamorous Sofia likes nothing more than a spot of beauty parlour pampering. But Dad struggles to keep his cool when Sofia takes more notice of herself in the rear-view mirror than she does either of the road or him, especially when he’s trying to impart the benefit of his driving wisdom. It’s seems his ‘little princess’ teenager just refuses to listen!

Episode 1

Molly and Joe Gethen are chalk and cheese fraternal twin siblings. Both are learning to drive but their attitudes could not be more different. Competitive Go-Karter Joe believes he’s never lived up to his sister who has always done better at school. Excelling at driving is Joe’s way of proving himself to his parents, but his cocky and combative behaviour in the car is stressing-out his dad, big time! Joe thinks he knows it all and handles the car like a seasoned racing driver, much to the disgust and terror of his father.