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Dog Patrol   

Series 1: 7x30 | SD | 2010
Series 2: 3x30 | SD | 2011
Series 3: 10x30 | SD | 2012
Series 4: 10x30 | SD | 2013
Series 5: 13x30 | HD | 2014
Series 6: 13x30 | HD | 2015
Series 7: 10x30 | HD | 2016
Series 8: 10x30 | HD | 2017
Series 9: 10x30 | HD | 2018
Series 10: 10x30 | HD | 2019
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Dog Patrol is an exciting series following integral roles that working dogs and their handlers play on the frontline protecting the streets, communities, prisons, airports, borders and national parks. We’re right in with the action following the real scenarios that unfold as a result of these dedicated hardworking dogs who work for the Police, Corrections Service, Customs, Ministry for Primary Industries, Aviation Security, New Zealand Detector Dog Services and the Department of Conservation.

The in the latest season our old favorites, Waikeria Prison team Maurice and his drug sniffing dog ‘Officer Ted’, Liz and her beagle detector dog Watchman from MPI, Customs drug team Chad and India who are always on the lookout for drugs crossing our border, Carol and Flash from Spring Hill Prison and Christchurch Police Delta dog team Lyal and Brock who recently received a bravery award.


Series 9 - Ep 10: Dairy Robbery

Christchurch Delta team Regan and Kosmo put it all on the line after a violent aggravated robbery. Customs drug detector team Kofe and Yarra discover an extraordinary haul of illegal drugs, and in Wellington Delta team Marc and Moose unpick a puzzle.

Series 9 - Ep 2: Cashless Cash Register

Wellington Delta Team Stu and Dakota shut down a profitless crime. At Rimutaka Prison Ricky and Preston find a car full of drug paraphernalia and Customs drug dog Rajax bags a huge haul on the mail belt.

Series 9 - Ep 1: Rammed Dog Van

Waikato Delta team Kieran and Gabby join a police pursuit and track an offender cross country, Corrections detector dog Bee shows how well she knows her stuff at Christchurch Men’s Prison and drugs on the mail belt.