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Diana and the Paparazzi   

Series 1: 1x60/1x90 | HD | 2014
Production Company
TVT Productions
Primary Broadcaster

25 years ago, Princess Diana was the most sought after and photographed woman on earth, as the world’s newspapers and magazines paid fortunes to get hold of circulation boosting pictures of her. Diana and the Paps explores the Princess’s ‘love-hate’ relationship with the people who courted and hunted her. 20 years on from her tragic death in a Paris car crash, those closest to Diana will reveal how she enjoyed using the press for her own ends and to make sure that her pictures told a story and cemented her brand as “The People’s Princess”. They include her brother, her personal bodyguard, her press spokesman, her favourite journalist and the photographers and paparazzi who put her on the front pages. Many stories about Diana are told for the first time and exclusively, including the truth behind some of the most iconic images of her. 

60 Minute Version