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Convicted But Innocent   

Series 1: 8x60 | HD | 2019
Production Company
Blizzard Road
Primary Broadcaster
TCB Originals

Convicted But Innocent reveals the true experience of being wrongfully convicted and the impact that lasts well beyond the prison bars. Each episode explores the story of a person who was convicted of a crime they didn’t commit and the fight to prove their innocence in a court of law. The crime and trial are critically examined to find flaws and falsehoods in the original case, and how they were exposed to overturn the conviction. However, the impact extends further than just lost years and affects every part of their lives; sometimes beyond repair.

"I was tried, convicted and sentenced to die, all before the age of 18 "
- Kwame Ajamu - Wrongfully Convicted of Murder

Episode 3: Kwame Ajamu

Kwame Ajamu, his older brother Wiley and their friend, Ricky Jackson were raised in Cleveland in the 1970’s. As teenagers, they had their lives ahead of them until they were accused of a brutal robbery and murder in May 1975. A twelve-year-old boy, Eddie Vernon told the police, Kwame, Wiley and Ricky were the culprits. At just seventeen-years-old, Kwame was tried as an adult and the three teenagers were sentenced to death; a sentence that was thankfully commuted to life in prison.

Episode 2: Dennis Maher

Dennis Maher was a young paratrooper living in Lowell, Massachusetts and worked at the army barracks in the neighbouring town of Ayer. On the night of November 17th, 1983 Dennis was walking down the street when a policeman stopped him – he looked like the suspect who had raped a woman earlier that night and the night before. Dennis was taken into police custody, charged with a third rape in Ayer and was identified as the rapist by all three victims. He was sentenced to life in prison and incarcerated at a treatment facility for sexually dangerous prisoners.

Episode 1: Kristine Bunch

Kristine Bunch was a 21-year old single mother, living in a trailer park with her three-year-old son, Tony. One summer night in June 1995, as the pair slept, a fire started in the trailer and tragically killed Tony. Within hours of the firefighters arriving, the scene was classified an arson and Kristine was charged with the murder of her son. Scared and unable to grieve for her child, Kristine was awaiting trial when she discovered she was pregnant.