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Combat Ships   

Series 1: 10x60 | HD | 2016
Production Company
Woodcut Media
Primary Broadcaster

For centuries an extraordinary war has raged across the world’s oceans - above and below the waves. Shipbuilders have designed bigger and faster vessels to outwit and crush their opponents – many carrying terrifying weapons. Combat Ships is a new 10-part series that shows how technology transformed naval warfare and that tells the stories of the greatest battles, escapes and disasters. From the deadly 18th century ships of the line, the primitive submarines of the American Civil War, the landing craft of the D-Day beaches, the brave hospital ships of both World Wars to the might of nuclear warships - these vessels and their crews have shaped world history and inspired men and women to acts of incredible bravery. Each episode includes powerful eye-witness accounts, interviews with veterans and maritime experts, intriguing technical data and fascinating historical detail.

Ep 3: Warships of Two World Wars

The first half of the twentieth century was in many ways the golden era of the modern warship - escorting convoys, bombarding invasion beaches and engaging in sea battles. We tell the story of the clash though the only surviving warship from that battle, HMS Caroline. We dive into the dark water of Scapa Flow to find and recreate the scuttled First World War German fleet and tell the story of how 20 years after their sinking a U-Boat slipped into Scapa Flow and sank one of Britain's prized capital warships HMS Royal Oak.

Ep 1: Submarines

This episode tells the story of a new arms race - underwater. Which country would be first to build the most effective weapon? The brave, early attempts to build a submarine included Ezra Lee in his barrel-shaped submersible 'The Turtle', attempting to blow up HMS Eagle in New York harbour during the War of Independence, and the Confederate crew of 'The Hunley', successfully sinking the USS Housatonic but perishing in the process.

Ep 4: Vessels That Saved D-Day

A chronological telling of the dramatic D-Day story, focusing on the vessels that made the landings possible. From the X-Craft lying on the seabed in the days before the invasion, to the battleships such as USS Texas and HMS Belfast who bombarded the Normandy beaches. We sail on the Medusa - a harbour patrol boat that played a crucial role guiding the invasion fleet through minefields.