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Combat Machines   

Series 1: 8x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
Woodcut Media
Primary Broadcaster
A+E Networks UK

This original and wide-ranging 8 part thematic series takes you to the heart of the action of how machines have been an essential tool throughout military history. From the remarkable engineering inventions and technological prowess through to the human craftsmanship and personal accounts of those who used them. These are the quintessential stories of the machines that changed the face of warfare.

These are character driven stories full of engagement, emotion, action and historical context.
We also provide new perspectives on the political, international and domestic backdrop to help provide context on the operation of these machines over the passage of time.

Combat Machines is brought to life through a combination of expert interviews, authentic recreation, engineering graphics and archive with purpose to unravel and illustrate each piece of military engineering history in all its detail and glory.

Ep 8: The Arms Race

The Cold War was a uniquely dangerous period in human history as East and West developed weapons that could destroy the world. We look at the origins of the Arms Race and the first use of nuclear weapons that ended WW2. We examine the frantic build-up of nuclear arsenals and feature key developments like the Titan II ICBM and the Corona spy satellite.

Ep 3: Liberate Europe

In World War Two machines like the tanks, ships and aircraft received much of the glory. But there was a whole fleet of lesser-known vehicles that made victory in Europe possible. Vehicles like the Jeep -; the 2 and half-ton truck that ensured the frontline troops were kept supplied; the amphibious DUKW that allowed the Allies to land quickly on beaches and cross rivers en route to Berlin. We tell the story of one American GI and how he and his Harley motorbike became a legend.

Ep 1: Rise of Machine

WWI was the first truly mechanised war. All sides began the conflict with strategies akin to the Napoleonic Wars, sending their troops into battle unprepared for the destructive nature of the new technologies such as Maxim machine gun and fast-firing artillery. We examine how quickly technology progressed throughout the war; from aerial photography to the first ever tank. In no other war was the development of combat machines as fast or consequential.