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Border Patrol   

Series 1: 10x30 | SD | 2002
Series 2: 12x30 | SD | 2003
Series 3: 14x30 | SD | 2005
Series 4: 10x30 | SD | 2009
Series 5: 10x30 | SD | 2010
Series 6: 11x30 | HD | 2014
Series 7: 7x30 | HD | 2015
Series 8: 10x30 | HD | 2016
Series 9: 10x30 | HD | 2017
Series 10: 10x30 | HD | 2018
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We have the eye-opening opportunity to look over the shoulder of the men and women on the frontline, those responsible for protecting the border.

Customs officers fight against drug smuggling at the airports, air cargo inspection facilities and the international mail center where drugs continue to be disguised in novel ways. Their intercepts lead to thousands of dollars worth of illegal substances being taken off the streets.

As well as this, customs officers are kept on their toes by fake passports, stolen credit cards, fraudsters and those who say they are on a holiday but have other more sinister intentions. From plants to giraffes and other exotic animals, the team have to cope with a constant flow of challenging situations.  

Series 10 - Episode 10

Stopped at Auckland Airport a Brazilian drug mule, a messy concealment at the International Mail Center and a Malaysian man on the run from loan sharks.

Series 10 - Episode 4

At Christchurch Airport a French Canadian with an illegal habit is stopped at the Border, Customs staff nail a colourful parcel from Uganda and a Filipino woman with some tall stories is questioned by Immigration.

Series 10 - Episode 1

Caught at the Border Patrol, three Israeli men with admissions to sex pubs and rock & roll are found with large quantities of MDMA. A chartered flight of Ukrainian fishermen bring enough booze to sink their ship and a suspiciously strong smell at Queenstown Airport.