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Australia's Deadliest   

Series 1: 12x30 | HD | 2013
Production Company
Seven Productions

Australia is a country abundant in picturesque beaches, rainforests and rivers but these vast and beautiful landscapes are home to some of the most deadly animals in the world. These predators can kill a human in seconds. In this incredible Australian series, we tell real life survival stories of people who have come close to death at the jaws of these unpredictable animals. This spine-tingling series will follow three stories in each episode that demonstrate the extremes of animal behaviour when it interacts with humans. The stories are compelling and haunting, set against the beautiful landscapes of this island continent.

Episode 3

A grandmother woke in the middle of the night to discover an 8-foot crocodile dragging her son's friend from his tent. With no thought for her own safety, she leapt onto its back only to be attacked herself as the croc swung around and grabbed her by the arm.

Episode 2

Young Osborne was stung by a deadly Box Jellyfish while swimming at a beach in Queensland. Amazing live footage captured by his sister at the time shows the agony he endured as the toxins took over his body, causing his heart to stop beating twice...

Episode 1

In this episode, Glenn made it home from work in time for a sunset surf at Sydney's famous Bondi Beach. Just as he paddled out to catch a wave, he was attacked by a 10-foot Great White shark. As everything around him went dark, Glenn didn't think he would survive????