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Animal Antics   

Series 1: 13x30 | HD | 2016
Production Company
Woodcut Media
Primary Broadcaster

Since YouTube first exploded onto the internet back in 2005, animals have dominated the world wide web. Be it a cat in a hat, a dog with a log or a donkey who’s gone a bit wonky – everybody loves an adorable animal video and we’ve got the best of the best.

Our research team at Animal Antics HQ have been going barking mad hunting down the furriest and funniest critters in all of the cyber jungle. We’ve got 13 episodes showcasing hundreds of brilliant beasts from the sporty to the naughty and the lazy to the crazy! We love all sorts of cuddly creatures so whether you’re a dog person, a cat person or, who knows, even a tortoise person we’ve got all the bases covered.

And, although the stars of our show can’t speak for themselves, we’ve chatted to some obedient humans from the world of comedy and wildlife to ask for their opinions, with hilarious consequences.

Each episode has a top 30 countdown of the greatest animals ever assembled. But of all creatures, great and small only one can truly be the best. So make sure you’re watching to find out who is crowned the king of the jungle as they all battle it out for the coveted number one spot on Animal Antics.

Episode 10: Clever Creatures

We countdown the top 30 brainiest beasts in the world. Our panel of expert eggheads will reveal who is the wisest of all the wildlife and rise to the top of the class on Animal Antics' Clever Creatures.

Episode 8: Adorable Animals

In this show, we've gone all doe eyed over the cutest and cuddliest animals in the world. We've got 30 lovable beasts for our panel of charming experts as we countdown the most adorable animals on Animal Antics.