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A Killer's Mistake   

Series 1: 10x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
First Look TV
Primary Broadcaster
TCB Originals

Ten iconic and international murder stories from the last three years featuring interviews with convicted killers. Each episode focuses on the key error that a killer made which led to their arrest. With emotionally-charged interviews, dramatic reconstruction and interviews with experts, ‘A Killer’s Mistake’ is moving and revelatory of the detective process. 

Stephen Port

Stephen Port was a sexual preditor a danger to young men. He found his victims on the internet, lured victims to his flat and then spiked their drinks with drugs rendering them defenceless.The family of one of his victims started to ask questions and Stephen Port became a suspect. In November 2016 Port was found guilty of the murders of four young men. Writing a suicide note for one of his victims was the mistake that finally caught up with him. He will never be released from prison.

Nat Fraser

In an idyllic place - a mother disappears from the family home…the front door was left open. She was meant to be collecting her child from school but she didn't turn up. The police were called to the home later that evening, Nat Fraser her husband had been staying elsewhere at the time of her disappearance. A missing person investigation began, but the evidence didn't stack up and detectives began to fear she had been abducted and murdered.

Kent Mcgowen

Kent McGowen was obsessed with the idea of being a ‘Superman Cop’.  He was so obsessed that he was willing to go against official procedures and manipulate evidence in order to set up a scenario involving one arrest, and another arrest warrant for 42-year old mother Susan Diane Harrison - who had previously complained about him. McGowen then willingly executed the arrest warrant himself, all through unlawful means. Susan was killed just 6 seconds after McGowen forcefully entered her home.