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Murder Wall   

Series 1: 10x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
Our House Media
Primary Broadcaster

Suspenseful, engrossing and dramatic, The Murder Wall turns viewers into detectives as, right before their eyes, they see clues come together to some of the most baffling and challenging homicides ever faced by the cops.

Expect twists, turns, false leads and truly inspired detective work as we follow the extraordinary investigations taking shape on the detectives’ own Murder Wall.

Episode 1: April Millsap

The partially clothed and badly beaten body of a teenage girl is found hidden off a recreational trail, but there is little evidence to go on. The most promising clues are shoe print bruises where April’s killer stomped on her face and neck. Everything suggests this violent crime was fuelled by passion, rage and jealousy, but when April’s boyfriend’s alibi checks out, investigators have no other obvious suspects.