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24 Hour Party Pensioners   

Series 1: 2x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
Barcroft Studios
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 5

In 2015, we followed OAPs putting the young to shame with wild nights out, rowdy antics and lust for life. Three years on from the smash-hit first series, we join a new cast of party-mad pensioners determined to grow old disgracefully for a cheeky two-part series.

Set in ex-pat havens abroad, our funny factual series celebrates the phenomena of Britain’s thriving grey generation. With all the mad elements that hooked viewers the first time around, the new character-led series will once again feature Britain’s most outrageous old-timers in their 60s, 70s and 80s as they live it large in pensioner party hotspots such as Spain and Florida.

Ready to blow their gold-plated pensions on parties and plastic surgery before their kids can even say the word ‘inheritance’, these rowdy retirees are having the time of their lives and don’t care what anyone thinks.

Episode 2

In the final part of this series we follow British expat pensioners in the 24 hour party paradise of Benidorm - where the sun always shines, the booze is cheap and pensioners can party like they are teenagers. Lancashire lad Paul and wife Michelle moved to Benidorm six months ago to start their new life in the sunshine. Mindful of blowing their savings, Paul signed up for weekly lads night the ‘Tuesday Club’ and is taking Michelle along for the first time. But, with just €10 per person in the kitty, the expensive tastes of the ladies proves controversial with the men...

Episode 1

Set against the sunshine backdrop of Benidorm, the first of this two-part series follows party pensioner British expats and holidaymakers boozing through the night and living life to the max. Entrepreneur Lee is hoping to make his fortune with his sports bar so that he can live the villa dream. But, with business slow and competition strong, he needs to pull out all the stops to attract the British punters.