b'Crime & InvestigationMURDER MADESCANDAL MADE ME FAMOUS ME FAMOUSThese series examine killers who gained public notorietyWe examine the behaviour of people who become when their crimes were reported in the media. Eachtabloid celebrities when their scandalous actions episode looks at dramatic recreations of well-knowngenerate a media frenzy. Each episode presents crimes using archive material and astute commentarydramatic recreations of well-known salacious acts from those connected to the case, to help unravel theusing archive material and insightful commentary twisted personalities that were thrust into the spotlight. to help unravel these perverted personalities. Duration: 7 Series: 44 x 60 Duration: 3 Series: 16 x 60 Producer: AMS Pictures Producer: AMS Pictures Year of production: 2015-2019 Year of production: 2016-201872'