b'MYTHICAL BEASTS WORLD WAR WEIRD HistoryFor thousands of years, civilizations have believed inExplaining the most mysterious and bizarre events of mythical beastsDragons, Cyclops, Giants, Vampires andboth the World Wars. In the chaos of battle men claim Sea Monsters. But where did the stories of these fabledto have witnessed some of historys strangest sightings; creatures come from? How much truth lies behind thefrom unexplained sea monsters spotted by U-boat legend? And what can these myths tell us about thecaptains to some of the weirdest weaponry of the Wars, medieval and ancient civilizations that created them? each episode will examine the stories in fascinating detail. Duration: 10 x 60 NEW Producer: Windfall Films Duration: 3 Series: 22 x 60 Year of production: 2018 New series episodes: 8 x 60 Producer: WAG TV Year of production: 2016-2019 53'