b'Reality & EntertainmentWHEN TV GOESEPIC CELEBRITY FAILSHORRIBLY WRONGFalling down, getting caught out in a lie, throwing Features fails that have happened on a monumentalup, farting or burping in publicweve all done it and so have A list celebrities. Featuring everything from scale. From sports shows, to chat shows to reality TV,wardrobe malfunctions to performance fails and from sex scandals to televised meltdowns weve gotstroppy behaviour from the most famous A list faces. some of the jaw-dropping moments that have left us shocked, confused or just rolling about with laughter! (Including When Celebrity / Magic Goes Horribly Wrong). Duration: 1 x 60 Producer: Tuesdays ChildDuration: 5 Series: 11 x 60Year of production: 2018Producer: Crackit Productions Year of production: 2017-201836'