b'FORMATReality & EntertainmentTRUE MEDICAL HIGHLAND MIDWIVESThe cutting-edge science and technology behind trulyWhat happens if youre pregnant and due to have a baby remarkable medical cases is exposed and exploredin the Scottish Highlands, and you live hundreds of miles with journalist Leila McKinnon and medical expertfrom a city hospital? These mums and midwives welcome Dr Ric Gordon as they go behind the scenes withthe next generation of Highlanders into the world, in the the doctors, surgeons and specialists who are atmost beautiful and challenging parts of Scotland.the forefront of ground-breaking and life-changing advances in medicine. Duration: 2 Series: 11 x 60 Duration: 4 x 60 Producer: Matchlight / Motion Content GroupProducer: Nine Network AustraliaYear of production: 2017-2018 Year of production: 201834'