b'Dear TCB friend and colleagueTo those of you who are actually reading this, pleaseOf course, a TCB catalogue wouldnt be a TCB catalogue dont let me stop you from flicking through the rest ofwithout crime. This time out, we have a major new our MIPTV 19 catalogue. Its worth it, I promise. true-crime release, Murder Wall, which turns viewers into detectives as they piece together the clues of some Youll notice that we have a particularly diverse slateof the worlds most baffling homicides. Theres more of shows for this MIPTV36 new and returning titlesunacceptable behaviour in Shocking Emergency Calls, and more than 220 hours, to be precise. Dont get mewhich tells the harrowing and heroic stories of people wrong: we still love our factual juggernauts (so muchcaught up in terror attacks, murders and abductions.Welcomeso, incidentally, that weve just greenlit more, e.g Underground Worlds, and Secrets of the Railways),Then theres Plane Reclaimers, which looks at where but we have most definitely diversified. From theaeroplanes go to dieand the people who breathe new eye-popping opulence of Worlds Most Incrediblelife in to these giant machines. Another favourite is Savage Hotels to the buttock-clenching jeopardy of GiantAustralia, which reveals that life down under isnt all Lobster Hunters, there arent many areas of humanshrimps on the barbiethis is a country that has more endeavour or experience that we havent exploredways to kill you than anywhere else on the planet. And on your behalf.did I mention Bangers & Cash? Its a must for anybody with oil in their veins and vintage cars on the brain.Away from the physical, weve got a brace of powerful psychological titles: Take Shake My Beauty, whichI could go onand normally do. But I wouldnt want to introduces us to amazing people who use social mediastop you from having a browse. We hope you enjoy it as to overcome their body-image insecurities, or Themuch as weve enjoyed putting it together.House of Extraordinary People, a format that sets out to change perceptions of those who look different. Paul3'