b'FORMATReality & EntertainmentNIGHTMARE TENANTS,FIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTIONSLUM LANDLORDSIn-depth features give the inside view on some of the With house prices soaring and generation rentmost talked-about viral clips of recent years. From street swollen, this series delves into the dark side of thebrawls to beach punch-ups, aeroplane altercations UKs housing crisis, shining the spotlight on whatto road rage rants, we look at what happened, what happens when conflicts between landlords andsparked the incidents, and what the consequences were tenants get out of control. for the people involved.Duration: 5 Series: 67 x 60Duration: 2 Series: 20 x 60 Producer: BriteSpark Films Producer: Attaboy TV Year of production: 2015-2019 Year of production: 2017-201827'