b'FORMATReality & EntertainmentMONTANA WILD RICH KIDS GO SKINTMontana is definitely one of the wildest AmericanRich kids ditch their fast cars and five-star hotels to go stateswith rugged mountains, dense forests, glaciers,skint with families living on the breadline. During their lakes and rivers. Each episode looks at the daily life ofstay, theyll experience the shock of living below the rural, funny and atypical characters who were all bornpoverty line. Sparks will fly and tears will fall as they face and raised at the heart of the state. the most challenging few days of their entire lives. Duration: 6 x 60 Duration: 2 Series: 18 x 60 Producer: T2MPProducer: Kalel Productions Year of production: 2018 Year of production: 2017-201826'