b'Reality & EntertainmentBORDER PATROL DOG PATROLNew Zealands air, sea and land borders are constantlyTaking a look at the integral roles that working dogs under attack from drugs to reckless visitors. Lookingand their handlers play on the frontline protecting the at all the incidences these vigilant protectors fromstreets, communities, prisons, national parks, airports customs and immigration deal with, these gatekeepersand borders. Were right in with the action following the are the crucial layer of defence. Theyre the boys andreal scenarios that unfold as a result of these dedicated girls in blue who keep our borders safe.hardworking dogs and their handlers.Duration: 10 Series: 104 x 30 NEW Producer: Greenstone Duration: 10 Series: 96 x 30 Year of production: 2002-2018 New series episodes: 10 x 30 Producer: Greenstone Year of production: 2010-2019 15'