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TCB Media Rights


Abandoned Engineering  

3 Series 34x60 HD | Like a Shot Entertainment | Discovery Science

Age Gap Love  

3 Series 8x60 HD | Nine Lives Media/Motion Content Group | Channel 5 UK

Al's Fish'n With Mates  

7 Series 49x30 HD | Klinik TV

Border Interceptors  

10x30 HD | Crackit Productions


Borderforce USA: The Bridges  

10x60 HD | Stampede Productions | UKTV


Botched Up Bodies  

6 Series 34x60 HD | Transparent TV | Channel 5


British Airways: 100 Years in the Sky  

2x60 HD | Title Role Productions | Channel 5


Confessions of a Serial Killer  

2 Series 18x60 HD | Monster Films | CBS Reality

Crazy on a Plane  

6x60 HD | Back2Back Productions

Dark Son  

3x60' HD | Monster Films

Drug Wars: Cocaine  

3x60 HD | Vice Studios

Egypt's Unexplained Files  

10x60 HD | 360 Productions


Extreme Love Stories  

8x60 HD | Barcroft TV


Extreme Treks  

3 series 20x60 HD | Ryan Pyle Productions | Outside TV

Fights, Camera, Action  

2 series 20x60 HD | Attaboy TV | Spike

Flipping Bangers  

2 Series 23x60 HD | Just Might TV | Blaze / RMC

Fraud Squad  

3 series 3x60 HD | Wild Pictures


Hidden History Of Britain  

3 Series 15x60 HD | Transparent TV

Highland Midwives  

2 series 11x60 HD | Matchlight/Motion Content Group | Channel 5

How I Caught The Killer  

10x60 HD | Woodcut Media


Inside Crime  

4x60 HD | Nine Networks

Lockerbie 4 Hours That Changed The World  

1x90/1x60 HD | 360 Productions | Channel 5


Massive Engineering Mistakes  

10x60 HD | BriteSpark Films


Monkey Life  

12 series 234x30 HD | Primate Planet Productions | Discovery UK

Murder By The Sea  

12x60 HD | Monster Films


Murder Made Me Famous  

7 series 44x60 HD | AMS Pictures | Reelz Channel

My Deadly Relation  

6x60 HD | Woodcut Media | UKTV


Mythical Beasts  

8x60 HD | Windfall Films

Narcos UK: Britain's Mafia Families  

4x60 HD | ITN Productions


Nazi Murder Mysteries  

Like A Shot Entertainment


Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords  

5 series 67x60 HD | BriteSpark Films

Rich Kids Go Skint  

2 Series 18x60 HD | Kalel Productions | Channel 5

Stalked: Murder In Slow Motion  

3x60 HD | ITN Productions


Sun, Sea and Love Cheats  

3 series 5x60 HD | Nine Lives Media/Motion Content Group | Channel 5

The Cruise  

4 Series 15x60/6x30 HD | Wild Pictures | ITV

The Guild Garage  

3 series 36x30 HD | PIXCOM | Velocity

True Medical  

4x60 HD | Nine Networks

Unboxed With Nikki Chiu  

8x30 HD | Our House Media | Up TV, USA


Walking Britain's Lost Railways  

6x60' HD | Rumpus/Motion Content Group


When TV Goes Horribly Wrong  

3 Series 7x60 HD | Crackit Productions | Channel 5

Wild Tube  

12x30 HD | Spark TV

World's Most Extraordinary Families  

6x60 HD | Title Role Productions


World's Most Extreme  

2 Series 12x60 HD | Arrow Media | Channel 4 UK/Travel Channel

World's Scariest Hauntings  

10x60 HD | Woodcut Media | Pick

World's Wildest Holidays  

6x60 HD | Kalel Productions


World's Wildest Weather  

2 Series 12x60 HD | Title Role Productions | Sky NZ