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Flipping Bangers   

Series 1: 10x60 | HD | 2017
Series 2: 13x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
Just Might TV
Primary Broadcaster
Blaze / RMC

From the producer of Wheeler Dealers, Flipping Bangers sees our charismatic mechanical duo, Will and Gus, give themselves a simple but touch mission: fix a dead car and double their money in just one week! They have ditched their jobs in order to make a go of flipping and selling old motors that anyone else would walk away from. In each episode, they go hunting for a once-cherished car, drive hard deals, and try to fix and sell it before their time runs out. Their livelihoods are at stake and the jeopardy is real! Can Will & Gus make a success of Flipping Bangers and come out on top, or will the blood, sweat and tears only lead to failure?  

Series 1 - Ep 4: Golf

Gus and Will head to the West Country to buy a Golf Mk4 but see a Mk2 in the same yard. Gus hates it on sight, Will goes wobbly at the knees - in a good way. They soon discover why the car is laid has no engine. That has been placed in the boot. Would you buy a car like that? Maybe not. But Gus and Will like a challenge.

Series 1 - Ep 2: Mazda

Gus and Will fancy some win-in-the-hair glam and hunt down a great looking, modified, Mazda MX-5, the worlds favourite ragtop. Everything looks great. But as soon as the blinged-up boy-racer is in the air, they discover that its not as great as it seems, and the market for soft-tops seems to be collapsing. Can they return it to standard spec and still make money?

Series 1 - Ep 1: Porsche

Gus and Will head to the black country to track down a driving legend well past best - a brown 924 that has a torn and cracked interior, scrap-yard paintwork and green carpets. Should they buy it?