Sex Pod - Series 1 - 2
The Sex pod is here to answer embarrassing and tricky questions about your body in an honest, frank, and private way. Well, private, until it’s broadcast to the nation!
Crackit Productions
Court Justice
This ground-breaking fixed-rig series takes you inside of one of the world’s busiest local courts. The twelve magistrates that preside at Sydney’s Downing Centre handle over 30,000 cases every year.
Revolution School
An inspiring series about everyday kids, their struggles with learning and the science behind improving education. The students & teachers of this school work hard to pull their school from its bottom ranking and make it the best it can be.
History's Greatest Hoaxes
The stories of the world’s greatest hoaxes through the eyes of the people who set them up - and shut them down.
Like a Shot Entertainment
Encounters with Evil
What is it like to come face-to-face with the world’s most deranged criminals? From serial killers to cult leaders, sex offenders to kidnappers.
ITN Productions
Scandal Made Me Famous
Scandal Made Me Famous covers the stories of those who achieved public notoriety when their scandalous crimes whipped up a media frenzy.
AMS Pictures
World War Weird
This series explores some of WW1’s and WW2’s baffling mysteries and weirdest tales, each a compelling story with twists, turns and revelations.
Poh & Co - Series 2
Poh & Co. series 2, catches up with Poh and her larger-than-life crew of fun-loving family and friends as they navigate life in the Adelaide suburbs with loads of new laughs, an abundance of food and a few secret family recipes.
SBS Productions
Destination Scandinavia - Series 1
A food revolution has hit Scandinavia! This time on Destination Flavour, Adam Liaw heads far north to investigate. In what is possibly the cleanest, healthiest, and happiest part of the world, Adam immerses himself in Scandinavian culture, history and cuisine.
SBS Productions


31st August 2016

The appointment follows SBS’s decision to close its sales arm SBS International in June and instead outsource content sales to external agents.

23rd August 2016

Woodcut Media takes to the high seas with new doc series combat ships for A+E Networks UK.

23rd June 2016

British producers and distributors are continuing to strike major programming deals across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), despite a number of economic and political challenges.