Sex Pod
The Sex pod is here to answer embarrassing and tricky questions about your body in an honest, frank, and private way. Well, private, until it’s broadcast to the nation!
Crackit Productions
Mr v Mrs: Call the Mediator
Intense, effective and practically focused, the mediation process forces a couple to make plans together - face-to-face in a room - with the help of a professional mediator.
Wild Pictures
Restless Legs: Can't Stop Twitching
4 sufferers bear all, alongside leading experts to make the first ever documentary about this life altering condition.
Icon Films
Kitten Impossible
A collection of cats performing the impossible! Meet some of the world’s most intelligent, skillful and brave cats whose stories have gone viral due to never-before-seen tricks.
Middlechild Productions
The Cruise
Come aboard one of the largest luxury cruise liners and meet its colourful characters! We join the passengers and crew, following the ups and downs of life afloat.
Wild Pictures
Definitive Guides: Extreme Sea Monsters
A blue-chip invetigation into the science and legends of the world's most extrodinary sea monsters.
Arrow Media
Money For Nothing
Vintage designer and writer, Sarah Moore, transforms unwanted items into valuable, bespoke pieces for a profit.
Friel Kean Productions
Inside Secret Societies
This brand new series explores some of the most secretive and dangerous global underworld societies from history.
Like A Shot Entertainment
Horror Homes
Revealing the stories of people whose lives have been turned upside-down when their home becomes a living nightmare.
Crackit Productions


23rd August 2016

Woodcut Media takes to the high seas with new doc series combat ships for A+E Networks UK.

23rd June 2016

British producers and distributors are continuing to strike major programming deals across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), despite a number of economic and political challenges.

22nd June 2016

Broadcasters across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) have picked up more than 450 hours of factual and factual entertainment content from UK distributor TCB Media Rights.